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I just listened to a Podcast I downloaded last year (I don’t know why I just listened to it). It features an interview with Doris Lessing and she talks about, quoting her, “imbecilic” internet activities including blogging. While I personally cannot agree with her more, it really seems to me if you didn’t blog often enough, it is very possible that you’re going to lose many of your friends. So here I am briefing my knitting notes…

I am having my 3rd FO this year this week. The first is a vest that cannot be post just yet. The second is my side-project-of-(then)-moment that I still have to take decent shots but you can see underneath my WIPs in this paragraph. And the third? Still need to do some sew-up but it’s the Pashmina pullover that I’ve been dreaming about!Pashmina top-front, pre-blocking

Too many: Rannoch dress. Dotty Vest. Argyle scarf. Olivia Shawl using EZ’s Pi are Square. A sock that only needs two more pattern repeats and some ribs but it was hibernated since I don’t know when for unknown reasons. and a Linea Rossa pullover as my side project of the moment.

Definitely I will write more about Rannoch. Isn’t it pretty? I have ten balls of Straw and I believe these will be enough for me.Rannoch dress WIP

And I frogged the Brie glove because I just don’t need a pair of gloves but I need those needles! (I am using a pair of 2mm circular and I have 4 pairs of 2mm circular but I need them all…)

However, all I really want is being energetic with my writing. (I don’t count blogging as writing like Lessing.) I am very glad to get knitting back to my life but I can make my own living by knitting, though I do wish sometimes (not selling blythe knitwear for a stark price of course). And I decided to change the name of my blog because that’s the one and only name I would name my blogs and the title of one of my most favourite plays of all time which I am going to see in the first week of Feb.

[The abovementioned podcast is from BBC 4’s Front Row Highlight, on 14th Dec last year so you can check the highlighted word is truly not mine.]

[speaking of blythes, I really should write up my blythe patterns. I am glad I didn’t promise anyone…I simply have no time for them. poor girls.]

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There were so many knitty things worth mentioning since the last post here, but browsing around Ravelry had taken up nearly my online quota hence the no-post. (I am ambling there.) It is indeed that every serious knitter should make Ravelry a must visit.

I’ll start with my third pair of socks. They are stockings to be precise! The pattern, “Highland stockings,” is published on Rowan 42, using kid classic. I’ve been wanting it when I first spot the pattern, but back then, I haven’t demystified the secret of sock knitting, so my eyes were set on the Rannoch dress only.

Since I am bored with the second sock of my first pair, and the temperature dropped suddenly this week, I decided to cast on my third pair. (My second pair were long finished…my first finished pair of socks) My kid classic are reserved for the dress, so I am using Rowan classic’s Soft Lux instead (uuurrhh, I’ve got tons of them…). I’ve seen so many woolly leggy recently on London’s street, so why shouldn’t I?
highland stocking--all cabled uphighland stocking-moss diamondhighland stockings-cast on

I charted the whole pattern (I cannot knit with written pattern like that. I prefer to labour myself charting first, then harvest the enjoyment of chart knitting), then started the first one from toe-up. I’ve tried different methods of toe-up knitting, for example, the magic cast-on and the Eastern cast-on. But what I like most is my own way—there must be someone writing about it before me though. Long tail cast-on is my preferred method, and I am using it for socks, too! It’s actually very straightforward, if you use two needles while doing the long tail cast-on. What you have to do, for toe-up socks, is just casting-on stitchs, alternatively, onto both needles, so you would have, says, the odd numbered on the needle closer to you and the even numbered the one away from you (instead of on both needles). After both needles have enough stitches, you just have to carry on the first row knitting in the round. Simple enough!

The pattern is very pretty (albeit girlish if not childish…). They are just a combination of ribs, cables (very simple ones!), moss stitch, and single row bobbles!! Even some dislike making bobble would not object making these (because they aren’t real bobble stitch!). Don’t let Rowan’s long instruction barred you from knitting a beautiful pair! Mine will be a long pair, up to the thigh…

I also start knitting my first top from Linea Rossa 3:
It was started as a knit-in-the dark project, and a side project of my Pashmina pull-over.

Speaking about Pashmina, I got a parcel from German, from the generous fbz, that packed some balls of Pashmina! I’ll be using them for the felted sleeves of this wrap-around two yarns.

And I have created a Ravelry group, Lana Grossa, mainly because I’d really love to see other works using Linea Rossa patterns! Please join us there!

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