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I enjoy experimenting different stitches and yarns for Blythe knits so each item from me will be unique. Mostly, I will only need to take a look at photos then I could recall the process of making it. But there were occasions that my memories had failed me. Since I’ve started this blog, I shall treat here as a logbook, to keep an online record for my blythe knits, too. 🙂

But if you find my blog via google search, such as “blythe knitting pattern” as some had done, you will probably be disappointed. You won’t find written instructions, not at all. As a knitter who knits in combined method (that means, my SSK will be your K2tog and I hold the yarn on my left hand), and who prefers charts to words, how can you expect me to have patience with typing “K1, P1, yo, k2tog” for several rows?

What’s more, I am extremely senstively on the copyright issues. (After all, that’s what I am dealing with day in, day-out.) While I may not invent a given stitch, To claim the stitch pattern mine is of course nonsense (though I did occasionally alter or combine several pattern). But seeing what I was doing and then trying to do it yourself, without acknowledgement, is another thing.

Does the abovementioned make me rather unfriendly? I had indeed a gloomy day thanks not to the weather but to UK’s biggest postal system. I guess I am still not happy with what Royal Mail did to me the past few days. (they should change their trade name from royal mail to snail mail or irresponsibla mail whatsoever suit them.) I won’t write this bit though, not to worry.

Anyways, I hope Mirka will help you to change your opinions. She’s wearing a dress and a hat I made for a swap last week. It was wet and dark these days, so I can only show you the before blocking shots. Those unsightful stitches were evened after blocking of course–blocking is everything!

sporting away
It’s done with Seagulls stitch in Rowan’s 4ply soft (wink and daydream).

mirka in pink dress and hat
As for the hat, it’s Star Stitch all the way.

See, why should we need a written instruction?

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