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My first ever sock (singular it is) is finished after lunch today. I washed it immediately to ease uneven stitches. It is laid flat for drying now so there isn’t a photo just yet. (I skip blocking this time because I believe flat drying will do equally good for it.)

I didn’t plan to do the cable as the original design. But I changed my mind when I finished the first repeat after the heel. After all, C4B and C4F are just a little twist when you start doing it, so why not? (No cable needles for me. No, I don’t use them at all when you can just manage the cable perfectly on the working pair. Not even making something like C24B. Cable knitting in this fashion can’t be easier: that’s one of the knitting techniques I will personally recommend.) So I twisted the selvage space between the pattern since.

Because the sock is meant to be knee-high so I had to increase at certain length, to accommodate the shape of my leg… I wish I would think of this at an ealier point! I then incorporated these increases to the cable areas, so I have C8B and C8F once, then combos of C4B and C4F on these areas to form my most fav argyle shape of cables.

And this brings me to a picutre I took some days ago, though I just uploaded it.
a swatch that is not exactly a swatch

This was a swatch I did when I got the yarn somedays ago, a beautiful apple green shade of Stella from Debbie Bliss. The pattern is a drop stitch pattern called “Cross stitch.” Because I am a drop stich fan, I had planned to use it long time ago but just haven’t done so, so I did it by way of swatching (the result was 16st for 8cm on suitable size of needles to justify the action). But for some reasons, I neither used Stella for the designated project nor used the cross stitch pattern. What I did was putting togeher purse stitch (or purse Fagotting as shown here) and “Openwork cross stitch” for that project. I was using Rowan kid soft for it, from those left over of my Cressida bolero.

But why the “Cross stitch” and cables are related? Because doing the cross stitch is similar to cable knitting without a cable needle: just the cable is picking up stitches as they are but cross sitch picking up from inside loops! I know this sounds confusing at first, but that’s the way I am doing them.

Ps. underneath the swatch is “Vogue Dictionary of Knitting Stitches” by Anne Matthew, one of my knitting dictionaries. I love dictionaries. They feed my needs for constant knitty meditation.

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