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The pattern went live yesterday, and I am adding extra photos on my flickr, too. 🙂
At Kew Gardens

Then, I couldn’t add these notes on the ravelry pattern page, so I add a note on the pattern (hopefully an editor or the pattern would be able to add it) and also put it on my project page.

The last stage of the pattern writing was chaotic–I’ve done the chart in June, but I’d like to check carefully with my original manuscripes before sending it off to Popknits. However, I was travelling in 3/4 of July and, the worst of all, lost my documents, so I could only check it when I was back in the UK. I hope, there is no errata, but I’d like to add more notes that I just realised haven’t included in the pattern…

Further notes

For those of you who aren’t familiar with chart reading, please do read the very practical guides written by Eunny Jang: Majoring in Lace Part ii and Part iii.

To highlight:

1. The lace chart in this pattern is reading from the right side.
2. The blank square represents k on the right side (odd number rows) and p on the wrong side (even number rows). This will form the stockinette ground for the central pattern.
3. However, in the central spiderweb pattern, it does not matter what directions your stitches are slanting. K2tog is used in every row.

And another photo showing me with the stole, knitting one of my longest WIP: the double knit argyle scarf I started in November last year….
knitting the double-knit argyle scarf

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