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Finally I am in, on Ravelry! (I am ambling there. ^_^ ) How exciting that there are some interesting groups there. For example, the group Exotic Knitting Styles (link for those on Ravelry only at this moment) is exactly what I’d love to join because that’s a group for those who neither knits English way nor continental way!! Really the last thing I’d like to hear from people is “you don’t do the stitch properly!” So, excluding Sunday brunch at Carluccio’s, I spent my time either on Ravelry or on a pair of simple ribbed socks since my invite arrived on Sat 19: 11.

But I should at least write something on Cressida, a bolero I’d fallen in love when I saw the pattern online.

Cressida bolero!Cressida bolero!

The bolero’s done at least one week ago, but I still haven’t (1) blocked it, (2) hid all tails, and (3) sew buttons on it. The metal button on the second pic is cheated, with the little help from dear pins.

The pattern is designed for Rowan’s Soft Lux, an aran weight yarn. But I decided to use Rowan’s kid soft for it. Kid soft looks thinner than Soft Lux, but the mohair and lambswool mix makes it chunkier than Soft Lux. The result is, it knits up quickly, the garment is lighter (only 3.3 to 3.4 balls were used), warmer, and softer!

Since I’ve got 5 balls of Kid Soft, I decided to use them up and make a stole-ish garment:
Kid soft stole

that’s the drop-stitch and purse stitch project I was mentioning the other day. ^^

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