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Cuteness overloaded

On my way home Thursday this week, I saw one endearing object, an object that belongs to a category that I had nearly no interest in it:

Bitter-chocolate cube

This is the latest Cube from Nissan, and the colour is “Bitter Chocholate.” But what I saw in person is one more enticing colour, Irish Cream:

Irish cream Cube 3rd

This photo from Wikipedia is the closest I could get of the car, though I believe what I saw is of a buttery colour! It looks like a limited edition, and must be bought directly from a showroom, because Irish Cream is not listed on the Nissan website, and it shouldn’t be seen in the UK just now!!! This is not a no-car-fan like me would know.

Look what an expert says:

And perhaps that’s the main plus point about the Cube, it’s unlike anything else you can buy. To look at, to drive, even to sit in, it’s different and fun…

Certainly I should add it to my wish list, something I would buy in a remote future perhaps!

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