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I’ve been a convert to mineral makeups since August this summer and can’t stop buying them since.  How exciting I will be when I got a new packet?

This photo may say a bit:
Mail hail!!

I’ve got the latest Vogue Knitting (the “International edition” which has different cover from the American edition—or shall I say “non-international edition” if there’s the “international edition”?).  I flickered through it quickly, pleased to see tons of beautiful photos and patterns, but that’s it. But for the batch I got from Lumiere, it’s totally different! I squealed!

You know, I wasn’t too keen in makeup before this summer.  Though wearing makeup is a must, as I am aging and feel the urge to hide wrinkles and imperfections here and there, I always felt reluctant to wear it.  But now, I must play with my new toys every morning even I am staying home! Guess what, now I’ve got heathier skin compared to months ago, thanks to the switch.

As for the latest VK–if we have to compare likes to likes, then I’d say I like last Holiday issue more. It doesn’t mean I won’t knit anything from it. I am not allowed to think about it anyways.

ps. Edited the funny typo in the title! I should read rather than depending upon spellcheck! 😀

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