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I just listened to a Podcast I downloaded last year (I don’t know why I just listened to it). It features an interview with Doris Lessing and she talks about, quoting her, “imbecilic” internet activities including blogging. While I personally cannot agree with her more, it really seems to me if you didn’t blog often enough, it is very possible that you’re going to lose many of your friends. So here I am briefing my knitting notes…

I am having my 3rd FO this year this week. The first is a vest that cannot be post just yet. The second is my side-project-of-(then)-moment that I still have to take decent shots but you can see underneath my WIPs in this paragraph. And the third? Still need to do some sew-up but it’s the Pashmina pullover that I’ve been dreaming about!Pashmina top-front, pre-blocking

Too many: Rannoch dress. Dotty Vest. Argyle scarf. Olivia Shawl using EZ’s Pi are Square. A sock that only needs two more pattern repeats and some ribs but it was hibernated since I don’t know when for unknown reasons. and a Linea Rossa pullover as my side project of the moment.

Definitely I will write more about Rannoch. Isn’t it pretty? I have ten balls of Straw and I believe these will be enough for me.Rannoch dress WIP

And I frogged the Brie glove because I just don’t need a pair of gloves but I need those needles! (I am using a pair of 2mm circular and I have 4 pairs of 2mm circular but I need them all…)

However, all I really want is being energetic with my writing. (I don’t count blogging as writing like Lessing.) I am very glad to get knitting back to my life but I can make my own living by knitting, though I do wish sometimes (not selling blythe knitwear for a stark price of course). And I decided to change the name of my blog because that’s the one and only name I would name my blogs and the title of one of my most favourite plays of all time which I am going to see in the first week of Feb.

[The abovementioned podcast is from BBC 4’s Front Row Highlight, on 14th Dec last year so you can check the highlighted word is truly not mine.]

[speaking of blythes, I really should write up my blythe patterns. I am glad I didn’t promise anyone…I simply have no time for them. poor girls.]

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