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These days, I knitted mostly when I was out on a bus or in a theatre. I discovered how timesaving it would be knitting while seeing a performance. The first occasion was seeing Lion King with a lovely friend, who came to London and was requested to see the performance before she left. Everyone knows that Lion King is a spectacular show but it has a simple plot and I’d been wanting to try out my new knitting time for some days. So I kicked off a new knitting era of mine… 😀
We got seats at Royal gallery at that time—that meant we had bigger room! So I cast on and started working on the rib section of this top:
another completed knit front

As long as the cast on was finished, and the rib pattern was established, you didn’t even need to count while you go and it was just fine to keep your hands busy while your eyes and ears catching up what’s happening on stage. Since then, I always packed a knit-in-progress with me whenever I am visiting theatres.

Of course it will not be possible to do colour works and cables in the darkness, but I’ve survived ribs, decreases and increases. Even simple lace patterns weren’t difficult at all once they’ve established. Though it couldn’t be as speedy as knitting under a fully lighted place, it saved me time!

When I prepare my project to be knitted during Complicite’s A disappearing number, I decided to make a new hat for these following reasons:

  • I “need” a new hat because Autumn’s coming,
  • I NEED to de-stash or sell my yarns,
  • I need to familiar with a particular yarn,
  • I have three other knit-in-progress (only) but none of them is suitable for a theatre knit,
  • And, I just love the “Marie-Rose Hat” from Rowan’s Classic Women

So I picked up a ball of Rowan’s Kid Classic in Frilly and went out. The cast-on plus first rows of ribs was done when I was in tube (108st for 6 rows), then I did other ribs, an eyelet row, then it was just all plain st st when I was on my seat. I knitted in circular so there was on knit, knit, knit, knit, and knit.

What I did regret was, I forgot to measure my own head so I didn’t know if I should knit until the length the pattern is called for (13cm), or shorter. And I should prepare a 13-cm piece of paper or a waste yarn so I could use it as a reference. I didn’t want to knitted it for longer than I wanted to save some unnecessary unravelling. Anyway, I was almost there until the crown when the performance’s ended. Here’s KK holding it for me, with some reluctance:

All it needed was the crown part. It just needed to divide the 108st into 12, then K2tog to decrease every alt row. Viola, a hat’s there! There was no need for sewing! It was simple to knit, and quick to knit in aran weight (19st per 10 cm square) so it served as an instant gratification! It looks like a beret but it has the same st as the cast on number then all the way up. Now I have a beautiful new hat!


ps. after more than one month on ravelry’s waiting list, I am finally looking forward to seeing 4 digits of people ahead of me.

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