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This shot should not be uploaded just yet, because the object is for a swap and I always try not to spoil the fun! What you see from the pic is a partial view of a Blythe dress, in which I use the Cross stitch pattern and a verrsion of lacy lattice pattern. (pre-blocked though…)

This is definitely not a swatch

I can’t believe that there are so many people interested in the cross stitch pattern when I post it on Sunday. I did think it’s unusual, but I never thought that the instruction is no where to be found via google! or at least that’s the result of initial serach, and I haven’t clicked each page for more details. It is not that I don’t want to share how to do it but that I prefer to make sure there won’t be copyrights infraction if I type the pattern here. I first learned this pattern from Vogue Dictionanry of Knitting Stitches, by Anne Matthews. If you’ve got this book, dig it out, and turn to the drop stitch section, you’ll find it!! But I “remembered” I’ve seen it somewhere, in one of my vintage patter collection. Anyone knows if typing someone’s pattern on a blog will be fine?

So here’s comes a minor surprise when I checked The Stitch of the Day section on knitting daily today! The pattern featured today is “Extended open-work” stitch. If you saw my post today, you can probably see it on knitting daily. It will be gone tomorrow so be quick!! But don’t be sad if you didn’t catch up–their “Stitch of the Day” comes from Harmony Guides, so you may as well buy yourself one. Harmony Guides are great stitch dictionaries, and are on my wishing list! (My knitting books grow quicker than I intended them to be, so I won’t get them just yet. And I am keener to get Barbara Walker’s books at this moment.)

But this pattern isn’t exactly the same one I am using.

There are two significant differences. First, the one from Harmony Guides is more like a cable. You just don’t build up these cables, but break them with a purl line (seeing from the right side). While I did point out in my previous post, the one from Vogue is similar to cables, they are achieved from inside the loops.

Second, the Harmony Guides uses wrapped stitches, but the Vogue one uses drop stitches. The difference isn’t that easy to tell but they are not the same. Wrapped stitches look neater, drop stitches look more fun!

(I do dislike written instruction, but it doesn’t mean I can or don’t read them. Plus, when it comes to patterns with photos, I can probably tell you how to do something just by the photos. ^_^)

I think you have to sign up for knitting daily to see the stitch, but I find myself enjoying reading it! You find lots of promotions from Intereweave Knits and their sister companies indeed, but the editor Sandi Wisehear talks about lots of knitting tips that is more than useful. For example, she writes about how to convert flat knitting to circular knitting, in which she briefs nicely on all techniques I knew from experiences.

Anyways, that’s it for today. If I’ve got time, I’ll swatch both patterns and put them together. Don’t expect me to do it quick though…. I was actually planned the dress with another drop stitch pattern, “Butterfly pattern,” but only after two complete rows did I remember I forgot a stitch, so I unravel the piece and choose the cross stitch instead–it’s quicker and easier!

Oh, and I think I’ll be in on Ravelry Friday. I will be out, away from computer until late, and have to leave early on Sat! And don’t even have time for Ally Pally! (or will I??) Oh, why, oh, why???

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Seeing squirrels bumping around tress is a common scene in London, but not so easy to spot in my neighbourhood. Ours is more of a sea bird heaven, with birds of various species liven up dock sides. So you can probably imagine how exciting I was when I see a squirrel “walking” in our communal garden last Friday, when I was heading for the local bus stop. That was a beautiful day, and this little creature cheered me up!!

I feel so gloomy this week so far, so I decided some squirrels on a new blythe dress will cheer us up! Doing so will refresh my memory of seeing the first ever squirrel in our yard!

My memory told me that I’ve got a vintage pattern (circa 1920s) with cute squirrels on it but I can’t find it anywhere near me!!! Charting by myself? A fantastic idea indeed but gosh, I would spend the whole day just to play with it because it’s fun! Such an indulgence is of course not allowed this month! so I did a google search on the web and find the cutest squirrels pattern ever (the pattern is on the side bar)!

Here’s the dress, just off the needles:

KK is so pleased to be the first to wear it, but she thinks this dress is best for an autumn stroll, and even better if I could take a photo of her with our garden squirrel… How can this be possible in a rainy day, dear? The dress is reversible, but the day is, again, too dark, so I’ll take more photos when I blocked it and, at the same time, too see if we’ve got brighter days this week.

view 1view 2view 3

This is a sleeveless dress in oatmeal with 4 little chocolaty squirrels bouncing around. It is knitted with tweed and a little bit of merino. It is decorated with crocheted flounce fringe, using the same colour as squirrels. A vintge button serves as a closure.

This one is available for sale. We’ve got too many knitty items and my girls are all satisfied by just trying them. (they much prefer to have their photos on my flickr that draw compliments, saying how cute they are! :D) So I think we won’t have problem parting this one. I’ll update this entry with clearer shots but feel free to drop me a line via flickr before I do so.

oh, and there is another squirrel pattern that is no less cute (vintage cuteness)!

* * * * * * * * * *
edited: the new girl of my family has claimed this dress. I have to give it to her because she isn’t happy to be identified as “an old used plastic doll” during her trip and I have to cheer her up!)
"An Old Used Plastic Doll"

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two dresses for little girls

Because of deadlines’ coming, I hadn’t picked up knitting needles the whole weekdays last week. But that’s what I made on Sat:

KK outside our housethe little red dress

The two little dresses were meant as birthday gifts for two blythe friends-Cat and Christel. We had a meet at V&A on Sunday and we were meeting then. I just had enough time to finish both two, blocked them, and wrapped them before we set off for a Sunday brunch then went to the meet. We left early, at about 3, but we’ve got lovely time and seeing lots of people and Blythes–including a PEACH! (I am still in pinkness hype…)

There’s one extra thing I really have to mention. I won a last minute auction from Liz last week. I was very lucky to get a lot of vintage Sindy sofas from her and she also came to the meet at V&A and brought the lot along! what’s more, I got a little present from Liz, too. Liz’s pattern for Blythe were known to all blythe knitters–though I still haven’t tried them, I like her works very much! We bought our first blythe knitwear from her two years ago I think, when I hadn’t rediscover the fun of knitting. ^_^

I’ll put the photo on flickr later because deadlines wouldn’t wait…

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