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Earlier this week, I won a new fibre related gadget–a set of ball winder and a swift! The set was a vintage wooden set made in the 1940s or 1950s, with a yellowed instruction. It must’ve got stored away during these years. I was just watching a ball winder, not wanting a swift, but how could I resist a lovely set as such?

my new toy 3

Here are two of its earlier tasks: one’s showing a wound skein I am going to use for a stole and another was a result of frogging a drop-stitch stole. Not that I didn’t like the latter but not having enough of the same yarns hence the frogging. With a little help of a wool winder, why afraid of frogging? The moment the white ball was wound completely, I had decided to frog two 2007 FOs and save those yarns for better use (I shall write more later on them).

my new toy 1my new toy 2

(my poor blythe dolls silently sat there watching a knitting activity not devoted to them…)

I don’t consider I am into sock knitting but the past few days this particular genre had more than its share of knitting time.

I managed to finished my first sock, a variation of Cookie A’s Baudelaire.
P1200610 The curse of late completion must be to do with my dislike of the poet with the same name and getting bored with the pattern, so it was stuck for months when there’s only two pattern repeats away. And the cashmere yarn is a joy to wear now, but not so when I knitted them, because they were oiled.

Then I am a lover of herringbone patterns, so I decided to use two different herringbone patterns for a new pair. There were many sock yarns in my stash, but this is the first occasion I am actually using one–all those changes of colours dazzled me, even just a bit. The two herringbone patterns would look better with a solid colour. But I will knitted the second sock. I WILL. I’ll also write up the pattern later.

herringbone zigzag socks-looking downherringbone zigzag socks- side
Then a third pair, haven’t got a decent photo yet.

I also have to take photos of my two other FOs of 2008–both from Linea Rossa booklet. 🙂

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There were so many knitty things worth mentioning since the last post here, but browsing around Ravelry had taken up nearly my online quota hence the no-post. (I am ambling there.) It is indeed that every serious knitter should make Ravelry a must visit.

I’ll start with my third pair of socks. They are stockings to be precise! The pattern, “Highland stockings,” is published on Rowan 42, using kid classic. I’ve been wanting it when I first spot the pattern, but back then, I haven’t demystified the secret of sock knitting, so my eyes were set on the Rannoch dress only.

Since I am bored with the second sock of my first pair, and the temperature dropped suddenly this week, I decided to cast on my third pair. (My second pair were long finished…my first finished pair of socks) My kid classic are reserved for the dress, so I am using Rowan classic’s Soft Lux instead (uuurrhh, I’ve got tons of them…). I’ve seen so many woolly leggy recently on London’s street, so why shouldn’t I?
highland stocking--all cabled uphighland stocking-moss diamondhighland stockings-cast on

I charted the whole pattern (I cannot knit with written pattern like that. I prefer to labour myself charting first, then harvest the enjoyment of chart knitting), then started the first one from toe-up. I’ve tried different methods of toe-up knitting, for example, the magic cast-on and the Eastern cast-on. But what I like most is my own way—there must be someone writing about it before me though. Long tail cast-on is my preferred method, and I am using it for socks, too! It’s actually very straightforward, if you use two needles while doing the long tail cast-on. What you have to do, for toe-up socks, is just casting-on stitchs, alternatively, onto both needles, so you would have, says, the odd numbered on the needle closer to you and the even numbered the one away from you (instead of on both needles). After both needles have enough stitches, you just have to carry on the first row knitting in the round. Simple enough!

The pattern is very pretty (albeit girlish if not childish…). They are just a combination of ribs, cables (very simple ones!), moss stitch, and single row bobbles!! Even some dislike making bobble would not object making these (because they aren’t real bobble stitch!). Don’t let Rowan’s long instruction barred you from knitting a beautiful pair! Mine will be a long pair, up to the thigh…

I also start knitting my first top from Linea Rossa 3:
It was started as a knit-in-the dark project, and a side project of my Pashmina pull-over.

Speaking about Pashmina, I got a parcel from German, from the generous fbz, that packed some balls of Pashmina! I’ll be using them for the felted sleeves of this wrap-around two yarns.

And I have created a Ravelry group, Lana Grossa, mainly because I’d really love to see other works using Linea Rossa patterns! Please join us there!

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This shot should not be uploaded just yet, because the object is for a swap and I always try not to spoil the fun! What you see from the pic is a partial view of a Blythe dress, in which I use the Cross stitch pattern and a verrsion of lacy lattice pattern. (pre-blocked though…)

This is definitely not a swatch

I can’t believe that there are so many people interested in the cross stitch pattern when I post it on Sunday. I did think it’s unusual, but I never thought that the instruction is no where to be found via google! or at least that’s the result of initial serach, and I haven’t clicked each page for more details. It is not that I don’t want to share how to do it but that I prefer to make sure there won’t be copyrights infraction if I type the pattern here. I first learned this pattern from Vogue Dictionanry of Knitting Stitches, by Anne Matthews. If you’ve got this book, dig it out, and turn to the drop stitch section, you’ll find it!! But I “remembered” I’ve seen it somewhere, in one of my vintage patter collection. Anyone knows if typing someone’s pattern on a blog will be fine?

So here’s comes a minor surprise when I checked The Stitch of the Day section on knitting daily today! The pattern featured today is “Extended open-work” stitch. If you saw my post today, you can probably see it on knitting daily. It will be gone tomorrow so be quick!! But don’t be sad if you didn’t catch up–their “Stitch of the Day” comes from Harmony Guides, so you may as well buy yourself one. Harmony Guides are great stitch dictionaries, and are on my wishing list! (My knitting books grow quicker than I intended them to be, so I won’t get them just yet. And I am keener to get Barbara Walker’s books at this moment.)

But this pattern isn’t exactly the same one I am using.

There are two significant differences. First, the one from Harmony Guides is more like a cable. You just don’t build up these cables, but break them with a purl line (seeing from the right side). While I did point out in my previous post, the one from Vogue is similar to cables, they are achieved from inside the loops.

Second, the Harmony Guides uses wrapped stitches, but the Vogue one uses drop stitches. The difference isn’t that easy to tell but they are not the same. Wrapped stitches look neater, drop stitches look more fun!

(I do dislike written instruction, but it doesn’t mean I can or don’t read them. Plus, when it comes to patterns with photos, I can probably tell you how to do something just by the photos. ^_^)

I think you have to sign up for knitting daily to see the stitch, but I find myself enjoying reading it! You find lots of promotions from Intereweave Knits and their sister companies indeed, but the editor Sandi Wisehear talks about lots of knitting tips that is more than useful. For example, she writes about how to convert flat knitting to circular knitting, in which she briefs nicely on all techniques I knew from experiences.

Anyways, that’s it for today. If I’ve got time, I’ll swatch both patterns and put them together. Don’t expect me to do it quick though…. I was actually planned the dress with another drop stitch pattern, “Butterfly pattern,” but only after two complete rows did I remember I forgot a stitch, so I unravel the piece and choose the cross stitch instead–it’s quicker and easier!

Oh, and I think I’ll be in on Ravelry Friday. I will be out, away from computer until late, and have to leave early on Sat! And don’t even have time for Ally Pally! (or will I??) Oh, why, oh, why???

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These days, I knitted mostly when I was out on a bus or in a theatre. I discovered how timesaving it would be knitting while seeing a performance. The first occasion was seeing Lion King with a lovely friend, who came to London and was requested to see the performance before she left. Everyone knows that Lion King is a spectacular show but it has a simple plot and I’d been wanting to try out my new knitting time for some days. So I kicked off a new knitting era of mine… 😀
We got seats at Royal gallery at that time—that meant we had bigger room! So I cast on and started working on the rib section of this top:
another completed knit front

As long as the cast on was finished, and the rib pattern was established, you didn’t even need to count while you go and it was just fine to keep your hands busy while your eyes and ears catching up what’s happening on stage. Since then, I always packed a knit-in-progress with me whenever I am visiting theatres.

Of course it will not be possible to do colour works and cables in the darkness, but I’ve survived ribs, decreases and increases. Even simple lace patterns weren’t difficult at all once they’ve established. Though it couldn’t be as speedy as knitting under a fully lighted place, it saved me time!

When I prepare my project to be knitted during Complicite’s A disappearing number, I decided to make a new hat for these following reasons:

  • I “need” a new hat because Autumn’s coming,
  • I NEED to de-stash or sell my yarns,
  • I need to familiar with a particular yarn,
  • I have three other knit-in-progress (only) but none of them is suitable for a theatre knit,
  • And, I just love the “Marie-Rose Hat” from Rowan’s Classic Women

So I picked up a ball of Rowan’s Kid Classic in Frilly and went out. The cast-on plus first rows of ribs was done when I was in tube (108st for 6 rows), then I did other ribs, an eyelet row, then it was just all plain st st when I was on my seat. I knitted in circular so there was on knit, knit, knit, knit, and knit.

What I did regret was, I forgot to measure my own head so I didn’t know if I should knit until the length the pattern is called for (13cm), or shorter. And I should prepare a 13-cm piece of paper or a waste yarn so I could use it as a reference. I didn’t want to knitted it for longer than I wanted to save some unnecessary unravelling. Anyway, I was almost there until the crown when the performance’s ended. Here’s KK holding it for me, with some reluctance:

All it needed was the crown part. It just needed to divide the 108st into 12, then K2tog to decrease every alt row. Viola, a hat’s there! There was no need for sewing! It was simple to knit, and quick to knit in aran weight (19st per 10 cm square) so it served as an instant gratification! It looks like a beret but it has the same st as the cast on number then all the way up. Now I have a beautiful new hat!


ps. after more than one month on ravelry’s waiting list, I am finally looking forward to seeing 4 digits of people ahead of me.

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two dresses for little girls

Because of deadlines’ coming, I hadn’t picked up knitting needles the whole weekdays last week. But that’s what I made on Sat:

KK outside our housethe little red dress

The two little dresses were meant as birthday gifts for two blythe friends-Cat and Christel. We had a meet at V&A on Sunday and we were meeting then. I just had enough time to finish both two, blocked them, and wrapped them before we set off for a Sunday brunch then went to the meet. We left early, at about 3, but we’ve got lovely time and seeing lots of people and Blythes–including a PEACH! (I am still in pinkness hype…)

There’s one extra thing I really have to mention. I won a last minute auction from Liz last week. I was very lucky to get a lot of vintage Sindy sofas from her and she also came to the meet at V&A and brought the lot along! what’s more, I got a little present from Liz, too. Liz’s pattern for Blythe were known to all blythe knitters–though I still haven’t tried them, I like her works very much! We bought our first blythe knitwear from her two years ago I think, when I hadn’t rediscover the fun of knitting. ^_^

I’ll put the photo on flickr later because deadlines wouldn’t wait…

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This pattern book from Lana Grossa is my desert island knitting booklet. This bit I can tell for sure. I planned to knit each of them, no kidding. 😀 I have knitted 4 garments from this booklet so far, here are three of them, in a temporal order (I haven’t taken any photo of the 4th one, although it was completed some weeks ago):

I am in love with this top!two yarnsa knitty morning 1

The purple vest is my all time favourite. ^_^

But I can also tell you that I have hard time with this booklet. Not only I have to alter the pattern to fit my own size (one to two full size smaller than given), but there are soooooo many errata! So far I was progressing fine–otherwise how can I show you these photos? 😀 But I have no clue that what a diagram mean in this pattern, my most wanted autumn top:

this is my winter must have!

see the yarn in front of the pattern: that’s exactly what used in the photo–Lana Grossa’s Pashmina in grey. Mind you, I am in the UK, and Lana Grossa wasn’t easy to get hold of until recently–these yarns are bought from Holland! I have shown you my detrmination to make it, right? 🙂

anyways, I mailed Lana Grossa one day, out of frustration. Then I got a reply today!! so happy! though the mail didn’t solve my question just yet, at least I know my question was read with some cares. 🙂 I am looking forward to the following message.

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