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After a long long day, mainly walking around hills in a rush, I decided to dive a bit onto the knitty world. I haven’t checked Lana Grossa’s “Model of the month” in September so that’s where I was heading. As long as the website is open, I care no more the free pattern, because, the place with my most favourite pattern put has changed to something else!! Hooray! It’s Linea Rossa 3! Must have one. Must. Period.

Here I just grab part of the webpage and put it on my flickr:

Viola!! Linea Rossa 3

I am utterly happy that I haven’t got many wip or future knit. I have a feeling that many projects will be put aside once the booklet is with me. But how on earth can I find extra knitting time??

ps. I’ve heard back from Lana Grossa again, about errata as blogged here, just two days after the post. Now I just want to finish a bolero I am knitting and start doing it before I see this latest issue.

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This pattern book from Lana Grossa is my desert island knitting booklet. This bit I can tell for sure. I planned to knit each of them, no kidding. 😀 I have knitted 4 garments from this booklet so far, here are three of them, in a temporal order (I haven’t taken any photo of the 4th one, although it was completed some weeks ago):

I am in love with this top!two yarnsa knitty morning 1

The purple vest is my all time favourite. ^_^

But I can also tell you that I have hard time with this booklet. Not only I have to alter the pattern to fit my own size (one to two full size smaller than given), but there are soooooo many errata! So far I was progressing fine–otherwise how can I show you these photos? 😀 But I have no clue that what a diagram mean in this pattern, my most wanted autumn top:

this is my winter must have!

see the yarn in front of the pattern: that’s exactly what used in the photo–Lana Grossa’s Pashmina in grey. Mind you, I am in the UK, and Lana Grossa wasn’t easy to get hold of until recently–these yarns are bought from Holland! I have shown you my detrmination to make it, right? 🙂

anyways, I mailed Lana Grossa one day, out of frustration. Then I got a reply today!! so happy! though the mail didn’t solve my question just yet, at least I know my question was read with some cares. 🙂 I am looking forward to the following message.

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