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Herringbone Opera Gloves

Happy New Year, every one!

Now the Christmas is gone, it’s now time to knit for yourself! That’s why I choose to debut the complete pattern of Herringbone Opera Gloves via Ravelry. I do want to finish up the pattern much earlier, in November, so some of you could probably knit them as Christmas gifts. Yet, I believe, as you knit it, the desire to keep them would be stronger than to wrap them up as gift! So why not just start offering the pattern at a perfect timing such as today, as a way of saying goodbye to 2009 and welcoming a new year, too?

Herringbone Opera Gloves

It needs a name 1

I used Rowan’s 4 ply soft to knit these gloves. Sadly, I only learned about it this week, Rowan is now discontinuing this yarn! 4 ply soft is amongst the first yarn I knitted with when I picked up knitting in 2006, and it remains to be my most favourite! Rowan’s own pure wool 4 ply would be a good yarn substitution, but 4 ply soft doesn’t have the superwash touch at all, so it is more comfortable knitting with it. There are about 3 sweater-worth 4 ply soft in my stash, but I know I shall miss it greatly!

For those of you who consider buying this pattern:
They are knitted from fingertip to elbow, or to desired length, so it is not like cuff-down method used in most of gloves patterns. I should also warn you that the pattern is for ONE SIZE only, and they shall fit hands/arms of general women– ways of making it bigger are given in the instruction though. And the pattern is written for magic looping. 🙂

I will upload more photos in the future.

Happy New Year once again!

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