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Fichu break

I knitted two fichus earlier this year, and the pattern is now on the latest Popknits.

The first one, Caffè Latte, was a commission from a good friend of mine, using Wagtail’s mohair yarn. I love its luster, yet, after blocking, it does not always retain its shape like other yarn.
Afternoon Break

The second, Green Tea, was cast on during my break of my first job interview after getting the diploma. I used Malabrigo lace for it, and it was soft to the touch, beautiful to look at, and keep its shape! 🙂

Afternoon Break

I’d really love to write about it in more detail, not only because it’s my pattern and I knitted it twice and I should also do some self-promotion, but also that knitting it would be a very interesting experience for novice lace knitter. Such as, by manipulating your gauge, you can make the next trim smaller than the outer trim, and based on the same chart. Knitting it will help you to discover how flexible lace knitting is and the learning curve will for sure enable you to be more confident in lace knitting!

Yet my time can only bring me to the very point of this post, that a missing component, a schematic, is not included on the pattern page. The pattern is published in early June, I know, but I only discovered it now, because I am simply overwhlemed by lots of things… Maybe later I would have a long post, a FAQ sort of thing, but for now it’s the missing schematic only:

Fichu schematics

I know the digital drawing could be better, but that’s my first encounter with Adobe Illustrator. I would very much like to perfect my skill for sure.

ps. In fact, this post was drafted on 4th June.

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