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One day after 228

I have a blog entry saved as a draft here, dated on 7th November last year. The entry is entitled “An Eventful week.” I didn’t finish it, because, as suggested by the title, I was quite occupied then, and, more important, I didn’t want to blog anything other than knitting here, especially my political viewpoints.

However, reading about a news today reminds me of this particular draft:

The most exciting news this week for many people must be that of American presidential election. But this week the geopolitics also has its foul play in Taiwan, where I lived for some twenty years. What a good timing for Chen’s visiting, and what a good timing for Mr Ma (who, with a benighted supporting rate of less than 20% as of Oct, does not qualify as the choice of people to my mind) to show the world about his nice policy of his people (news 1news 2)?

Watching news from afar, that week reminded me of the 228 incident 62 years ago. Chen should pay his visit to Taiwan, and people in Taiwan would have their rights to protest against his visit. Their freedom of speech should be protected by the Taiwanese government, not the other way around. Taiwan used to be one of the most liberal countries in the world, but it was no more from that week on, degraded by Ma’s KMT government.

Some of my friends believe that Taiwan would be benefit from the election of Obama, an opinion I saw no evidences (it would be long to argue why, and I certainly don’t want to go deeper here). Certainly I hope I would be proofed wrong, but if this news is true, I must say I am utterly stunned by this choice of Mr Obama, who assigned one of China’s and Saudi Arabia’s mouthpieces in America [to write] intelligence reports for the White House.

Exercising my initial understanding of geopolitics, the future of Taiwan is unfortunately tied to decisions made by hegemony of the world, which, is not at all a bad thing. However, the reigning government had already slammed the idea of democracy and Obama’s new personnel appointment would probably make it worse…

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