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I spent sometime today to knit my first sock, then I put it on and play with camera. My right foot has an odd angle and looks fat in this shot but it was fun to take picture as such!! It reminds me of cats chasing yarn tails. ^^


It must be the long written instruction on short row shaping that barred me from sock knittings. It was surprisingly easy and straightforward when I went to the heel part. It seems sock knitting is indeed very addictive (though I do prefer to save 4ply knitting for blythe knits)! It’s so easy to just get a stitch pattern you like then put it on your sock!! I don’t think I will be using someone else pattern for my next pair because I was already flipping over my stitch dictionaries and online photos (like this site) to get ideas for my second pair, and a third pair! Probably plus one pair for someone and another pair for yet another one. The list grows quick, much quicker than I can manage. And what yarns should I use for them! (why there are still 3000 people ahead of me in the ravelry waiting list? *sigh*)

I plan to piece together the knitted Cressida bolero this week but my sewing is much slower than knitting, so this hasn’t done. Must do it soon.

(afterthought: I think I’ll use some RYC’s cashcotton for the Highland socks in the latest Rowan magazine, minus pompom… or this pair look great, too! )

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