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My first sock, ever!

Autumn is undoubtedly here. It’s getting colder and the day’s shorter. I may not have plenty time to knit, but I have a large stash and I feel the urge to knit because the drop of temperature. So much so I picked up a cashmere yarn and started my first ever sock kniting.

Socks, along with stoles and shawls, are never shown on my knitting list. I love pretty lace patterns, intricate cables, but I prefer to have them on knitted clothes. But things always change.

I’ve already decided, long time ago, that my first sock will be a toe-up one. I was using the so called magic cast-on. The photo shows what I had done when I had my tea break this afternoon:
2 KIPs

then I will start the Baudelaire from knitty–because it has a simple yet pretty lace pattern. But I was vexed, still, by the heel flips. I am not afraid of short row shaping (I’ve done some) but I don’t like doing it. Besides, reading all those written patterns is a real headache to me (I am a chart person). It seems the heel will be quite easy but those instruction doesn’t look like so. I am still pondering if the afterthought heel will do me better.

And I am finally have more people behind me than before me on the ralvry waiting list. I am really looking forward to getting into it but before this happens, I will have to work harder on my real job.

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